What are Business Activity Types?

You can set your own activity types and track each item specific to your business. Frequently used activity item types, include Customer Service (C), Purchasing (P), RMA (R) and Sales Opportunity (S).

The power of Business Activities can be truly seen when it is customized and configured for your business.  The Business Activity Type exists as the top-level method of categorization for your Activity items. You can further define different types of items (tasks) by assigning up to five types of codes to help you configure and categorize your business issues and project tasks.

Activity Types are the highest-level of categorization for Business Activities. Each Business Activity (Business Activity task) that is entered into the system must have a Type selected. Once you have selected one of these types, you have the option to select and configure the various Activity codes such as the status or priority. These codes are also configurable and can be contingent on which Type was selected.

Examples: You might use Types for different kinds of high-level concepts such as “Customer Service”, “RMA”, or “Sales Prospect”. 

Each of these secondary codes is listed below.

  • Type: The code for the Activity type. This may be up to three digits and will be used in Business Activity as a category of specific items that will be grouped together.
  • Description: The full description of the item type.
  • Active: The “Active” indicator may be turned off and on for a particular item type to determine those that will be used in the Business Activity system.

Status Tab

Status codes set the overall status of the Activity item (task). Statuses are configured to fit your company and include the option to close the task.

Examples: One way to use Status Codes is to have codes such as “Call Back”, “Needs more information”, “Pending review” or “Green Light!”. Each code can (or can not) be included in each overall Item Type.

Priority Tab

These codes allow tasks to be arranged in terms of priority. You can make as many priority codes as you want for your company.

The priority code will change the due date as well. This is set in the Hours till due field.

Codes Tab

These codes help you to further provide categorization for your Activity items.

Example: Create a code such as “Needs more information”, “Requested Quote” or “Damaged Merchandise” and .

Resolution Tab

These codes are designed to show the current state of resolution for the particular task or activity. They are useful for providing an additional category an item as closed or incomplete.

Example: Create resolution codes such as “satisfactory” or “dis-satisfactory” and include them in your customer service item types.

Scheduling Classes

These codes are used to help you arrange and categorize your Business Activity items. The classes are used in the Business Activity Service Scheduling module.

Example: Create resolution codes such as “satisfactory” or “dis-satisfactory” and include them in your customer service item types.