How do I send emails with a 64 bit version of Microsoft Outlook?

If you're using a 64 bit version of Outlook, you need to review this article for information on what your options are.

Some users may receive a blank Microsoft Outlook error when sending email from Acctivate QuickBooks Inventory Software.  This error may be caused by using a 64-bit version of Microsoft Outlook.  This only affects the Microsoft Mail API (MAPI) email configuration.  It does not affect the direct SMTP method, which bypasses Outlook.

Acctivate will not be able to send email using MAPI with the Outlook 64-bit.  There are two options:

  1. [Recommended] Uninstall the 64-bit version of Microsoft Office.  Then, re-install the (default) 32-bit version of Microsoft Office.
  2. Follow the instructions below for the Outlook “Bridge” for 32-bit applications, such as Acctivate.

UPDATE: We have not heard of any successful workaround for the 64-bit version of Office 2013 or after.  Therefore, option 1 (above) may be the only solution, unless you want to switch to using SMTP. 

Outlook 64-bit Bridge

  1. It is HIGHLY recommended that you first back up the registry.  Please refer to the Microsoft Backup the Registry article before proceeding.
  2. Open the Windows Registry by using the RegEdit command from the start menu
  3. Navigate to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Clients\Mail key
  4. Right-click and create a New Key named Outlook64Bridge
  5. Right-click on the the new Outlook64Bridge key and create two String Value entries: DLLPath and DLLPathEx
  6. Locate the 32 bit version of the MAPI32.dll file using Windows Explorer.  It should be located at \Windows\System32\mapi32.dll
  7. Set the Value for both the DLLPath and DLLPathEx entries to full path to the mapi32.dll (example below)
  8. Click on the Mail key name above Outlook64Bridge
  9. Double-click on the (Default) string on the right.  Change the value to Outlook64Bridge then click OK

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