How do I update my company's information in Acctivate?

If you need to update your company's address on your reports, take these steps.

Most data fields on Acctivate reports are pulled from the relevant transaction (e.g. Sales Order). However, the Company Information, such as Company Name, Address, Phone, Fax and Email are maintained in Configuration Management .

Use the following instructions to update the address for each Acctivate company:

  1. Log in to Acctivate as user with administrator permissions (e.g. SYS)
  2. Open Configuration Management from the File main menu
  3. Expand the Company folder
  4. Click Company Info then Edit on the toolbar
  5. Modify the Company Information then click Save on the toolbar
  6. All Users must restart Acctivate to see the updated company information

Some reports may be using the addresses from the Branch and/or Warehouse list. Be sure to review these areas of Configuration Management as well.