Why do I get a "Updating Barcode Font" pop up whenever I start Acctivate?

If you're getting this loading bar, check over these steps to resolve the problem.

From time to time, an Acctivate Update may install new fonts into the Acctivate\ClientFiles folder. The next time you run Acctivate these font files will be copied from the ClientFiles folder to the workstation in to the Fonts folder. There are scenarios in which the font files are blocked from being copied into the Fonts folder. You may be required to manually copy these font files into the Fonts folder.

barcode error

Steps to resolve this problem:

  1. You can open the exception log and review the exact files that are trying to be copied to your Fonts folder on your workstation. To review the exception log, log in to Acctivate and select Help > Acctivate Support > Email Log File, then select the”Exception Log” option and click “View”.  Scroll all the way to the bottom of the txt file. You should see an exception similar to this:

    File C:\Windows\Fonts\IDAutomationUPCEANXXS.ttf not found. Copying from \\Server\ACCTivate\ClientFiles\IDAutomationUPCEANXXS.ttf

  2. Go back to the Log folder. Go up two folder levels to the server share directory, then double click the Acctivate folder. In the Acctivate folder, open the ClientFiles folder.
  3. Now, on your workstation, open the corresponding Fonts folder that is logged in the exception log (usually C:\Windows\Fonts).
  4. You should now be able to simply copy these Font files into your Font folder on your computer.
  5. Once the font files have been copied into your local Font folder, you should be able to run Acctivate normally.

If you find that the Font files do NOT exist in the ClientFiles folder, we recommend you install the Cumulative Update found in the Downloads and Updates section.