How to Resolve Acctivate Version 9 not starting on Windows XP?

Acctivate Version 9 doesn’t start on Windows XP

Acctivate may not start up after double-clicking the Acctivate icon when using Windows XP.  This may be due to some Microsoft .NET components not being fully up to date, which are required by Acctivate versions 9 and up. While some users are able to work around this by right-clicking the ACCTivate icon and selecting “Run as…” then entering administrator Windows credentials, we recommend the following steps to update Microsoft .NET and Windows XP:

Open Windows Update in Windows XP.  Install the Reliability Updates for Microsoft .NET through Windows Update.  See the links below for the recommended updates


Be advised, Microsoft is no longer supporting Windows XP.  Newer versions of Acctivate will be distributing and/or utilizing current Microsoft components.  If you are still running Acctivate 9 or newer on Windows XP and you experience an issue connecting and logging into Acctivate, our Support Team may recommend you upgrade your version of Windows if we find the problem to be with a Microsoft Windows component.