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How does Upgrading QuickBooks Desktop affect Acctivate?

If you are upgrading from one version of QuickBooks to anther (QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise, Premier, or Pro) consider the following.

If you are upgrading/downgrading QuickBooks to QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise, Premier, or Pro, with a supported QuickBooks version, there's not much effect it will have on Acctivate, as long as you are using the same server, and QuickBooks and Acctivate file. The main recommendation is to run a backup of both QuickBooks and Acctivate prior to the upgrade, in case of any issues later. For more on this, see our article on what to consider before upgrading QuickBooks.

Again, this applies only to change the QuickBooks version and not the QuickBooks file. Please see our guide on what to do if you need a new QuickBooks file. If you need to move QuickBooks to a new location, please review this article

NOTE: The first sync after the upgrade typically takes longer than normal due to the Verify and Rebuild ensuring data integrity.

NOTE 2: In general, upgrading to QuickBooks Enterprise (QBES) results in faster sync times.