Resolving the 25 email limitation when using GoDaddy for sending email.

Some companies may receive an error or message when batch emailing invoices to customers using GoDaddy as an email provider

Acctivate connects to GoDaddy's email server simply by using their supplied SMTP email connection information.  Acctivate passes the email to their server and GoDaddy sends the email.  When companies utilize GoDaddy's email service some companies may receive a blocking error stating a sending limit has been exceeded.

System.Net.Mail.SmtpException: Mailbox unavailable. The server response was: User _____ has exceeded its 24-hour sending limit. Messages to 25 recipients out of 25 allowed have been sent. Relay quota will reset in 22.19 hours.

Unfortunately, this limitation is not something Acctivate can work around or resolve.  This is a limitation put into place by GoDaddy.  There is some previous documentation of other GoDaddy email users having similar experiences with email limitations.  

Here are some recommendations on resolving these types of limitations.

1. Contact GoDaddy Support.  We would recommend you convey your company is using SMTP to connect Acctivate to GoDaddy's email service.  

2. Consider a different email provider.  Unfortunately, a number of our customers have not had success in GoDaddy's Support Team resolving this issue.  Our recommendation is to consider  Office 365.  We have many customers utilizing Office 365 for business email services.