Resolving the "Access Denied" error when running the Magento webstore sync.

If you'e getting this error, take these steps.

When using the Magento web store, you might come across an error that looks like this:

“XML-RPC web service returned error: fault Code = 2faultString = Access denied.”

Not to worry. This means you need to create a web service account and a web service role. The web service accounts in Magento are different from admin login accounts. Follow these steps to create a role and web service account.

  1. Create a new Web service Role in Magento (System -> Web Services -> Roles) if one does not exist called All, set Role Resources to All.
  2. Create a new Web service User in Magento (System -> Web Services -> Users) if one does not exist called Web service, enter in a password for that account into the API Key field (e.g. use same password as admin password) and assign it the role created in the previous step.
  3. In Acctivate, create a new web store template and enter the web service URL when prompted. Enter in the Web service User and Web service API Key into the Username and Password fields respectively.