What to consider about the size of your Acctivate Database.

Acctivate Database Size Considerations

Acctivate does not have an archive or “purge history” function.

The Acctivate database runs on Microsoft SQL Server. The SQL Server database should accommodate the largest Acctivate users without performance degradation. Microsoft SQL Server is used by much larger Fortune 500 companies with millions of transactions. In fact, there are Acctivate customers running databases with millions of sales orders, invoices and inventory transactions.

Acctivate includes the free Microsoft SQL Server Express database server. In some cases, you may be required to upgrade to a paid version of the Microsoft SQL Server database (i.e. Enterprise or Standard Edition). The key factor in determining this upgrade is the size of your database.

Please review the following article:

Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition database size limit

Acctivate will provide a warning when you are getting close to the limitation of the free Express edition. This upgrade is typically not a significant expense for companies that have this transaction volume.

Please contact the Acctivate support team if you’re not sure how big your database is.