Why is Acctivate not creating the Advance Ship Notice - 856?

I got an EDI order in Acctivate, but the ASN is not been created.

In order for Acctivate to create the Advance Ship Notice EDI transaction file, a package needs to be created and completed.

1. Is there a Package listed for the Sales Order?

Open the Sales Order and go to the Packages tab. Acctivate will create an ASN for the order as long as there is a package listed on this window.

If there are no packages listed, you will need to create the shipment in Acctivate.

You may follow this guide to help you create the shipment using the Packaging Manager.

How to create and package a shipment.

2. Is the Shipment actually marked with the status of 'Shipped'?

You may go to Packaging > Package Shipment and find the related package for the Sales Order. The Package needs to have a status of 'Shipped' in order for Acctivate to create the ASN-856.

You can manually change the status of the shipment by entering in Edit mode and select 'Shipped' from the status drop down menu. 


These are the two most common reason why an EDI ASN-856 is not created. 

Contact our support team if your ASNs are still not being exported through EDI.