Resolving "Not Responding" when I run a QuickBooks sync.

This article shows you how to resolve the "Not Responding" message during a QuickBooks sync.

Occasionally, the process of synchronizing Acctivate and QuickBooks may take longer than expected. This could be due to sync errors, a recent QuickBooks file rebuild, or a large amount of transactions have been created in the time between the last sync and the current sync. In cases like these, Acctivate may return the following message during the sync:


Clicking "Switch To..." will allow the sync to continue running without interruption. If the sync is prematurely cancelled by closing Acctivate or ending its process through Task Manager, the next sync may create duplicate transactions as a result. To avoid this, do not prematurely cancel the sync with QuickBooks. If you believe a sync will take a long time to complete, run it at the end of the day or from an unoccupied workstation. You should contact our support team if you consistently experience slow syncs for further troubleshooting.