What are the Activity Fields for Message Templates?

See the list below for the values that can be entered into Message Templates for Business Activities.

The following table lists the data fields that can be entered into the body of an Email Message Template to request specific business activity information from the database. These message template fields can be used when the email message template type is set as Activity or All.


Note: Message templates must be in the following format:




Database Field Message Template Field
Activity Template Type
ActivityID ActivityID
ActivityType ActivityType
ActivityTypeCode ActivityTypeCode
CodeDescription CodeDescription
Code Code
Priority Priority
PriorityCode PriorityCode
Resolution Resolution
ResolutionCode ResolutionCode
Status Status
Completed Completed
StatusCode StatusCode
AssignedToName AssignedToName
AssignedTo AssignedTo
DateOpened DateOpened
OpenedBy OpenedBy
OpenedByName OpenedByName
DateDue DateDue
DatePromised DatePromised
PromisedBy PromisedBy
DateClosed DateClosed
ClosedByName ClosedByName
ClosedBy ClosedBy
Description Description
Discussion Discussion
ResolutionDiscussion ResolutionDiscussion