What are my options to download Amazon orders using alternative shopping carts?

On January 1st, 2021, Amazon released their Selling Partner API platform (SP-API) for sellers as a replacement for their Amazon Marketplace Web Service (MWS).  As a result, Amazon will no longer be providing NEW developer keys for their MWS webservice.  New developer keys will need to be requested via the Selling Partner platform.  

The Amazon Selling Partner platform will only grant developer keys to sellers that use a certified App to connect to the Amazon Orders API.  Acctivate has not been certified at this time.

Companies using Acctivate that require the ability to download FBA and FBM orders from Amazon can utilize one of the following solutions:

Depending on the method used above, inventory availability may need to be exported from Acctivate routinely and imported into Amazon in order to update your items in Amazon.