Applying One Payment Across Multiple Invoices.

In this guide we discuss methods of applying single payments to several invoices at once.

From time to time, you may encounter a situation where a customer wants to use one payment to cover multiple invoices. Acctivate has two different options to do that. Thanks to the payment window, applying a payment across multiple invoices is as simple as clicking a couple of buttons!

Using the Enter Payment window to apply payment for multiple invoices:

  1. Open the "Customer Payment" window by either clicking the "Cust Payment" button or going to "Customer" -> "Enter Payment"
  2. Select a Customer from the customer list that you'd like to apply a payment too.
  3. The "Open Invoices" window should populate with all open invoices for the customer in question. Here you can either click the check boxes next to invoices you'd like to apply or click the "Check All" button. The payment amount will automatically calculate to cover the total of the invoices selected.
  4. From here you can change the amount if the customer would like to over pay, or only pay part of an invoices, etc. You can also change the payment method, AR account, date, and add a memo and reference.
  5. If it is a non-credit card payment, from here you can click "save" and the payment will save any apply. If it's a credit card payment, change the payment method to Credit Card and enter in the card details. There's also an option to "Use Saved Card" if the customer has one, and an option to "Save Card" to the customer file. You will need to confirm that you have the customer's written authorization to save the card.
  6. Click "Charge and Save" to save the payment and change the card. Please Note: This is your only chance to charge the card, it cannot be saved to be charged later.
  7. You'll receive the "Processed Payment Receipt" message indicating if the credit card processor accepted or declined the card.
  8. The payment window will update to show the CC transaction ID and Auth code. The details can no longer be edited but a payment memo can be added. You can click the "Print" button to print and email a receipt if desired. You can also "Void" the payment if desired. Once a credit card payment is voided, the payment memo will populate with a "VOID Trans. ID."

For more information about how the Customer Payment window works, check out our docs page!