Assigning Customer specific Product ID to a Product.

You can add the Customer's Product ID from the Product IDs tab on the Customer Information window. This is useful especially for EDI management. Check out this article for a link to our training guide.

Any customer can have a customer product ID assigned to any product in the system. These are added to the individual customers which need them on the Edit Customer window > Product IDs.
This tab allows products in the system to be assigned customer product IDs and descriptions. For each Acctivate Product ID and Description, users can enter a customer specific Product ID and customer specific Description.

Once added, users can do things like add products to orders by entering or looking up products by the customer ID and setup translations for EDI or webstore integrations. You’ll be able to manage not only your internal product IDs, but also the customer product IDs. This enables you to keep your product list down to a minimum with all related history on one record.