What are the Application Identifiers for Mobile Barcodes?

Application identifiers are coded labels within barcode values to tell software what to identify each value as. This makes it possible to have multiple values in a single barcode which Acctivate Mobile can split out accordingly upon scanning.

Acctivate Mobile Application Identifiers

Below you will find a list of all the Application Identifiers and their corresponding field values supported with Acctivate Mobile devices.

Application Identifier Supported Field Value
00 Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC-18)
01 GTIN (or UPC/EAN)
10 Lot Number
17 Expiration Date (Lot/Serial)
21 Serial Number
99 Warehouse Location
310y Weight in Kg where y equals the number of decimals
320y Weight in Lb where y equals the number of decimals
30 Quantity
For more information on GS1-128, check out the GS1 General Specifications, as well as the ID Automation FAQ.

Creating Barcodes with Application Identifiers in Crystal Reports

In order to create a barcode font that you can use to scan in things like Product ID and Lot/Serial Number, you have to create a formula in Crystal Reports to designate the barcode as a “Product ID” and “Lot/Serial Number” barcode. These designations are defined by the Application Identifier inside the barcode formula.

The IDAutomation_Uni_UCC128() function is available for all Acctivate users. This function can create a barcode containing multiple Application Identifiers.

Following example generates a barcode containing the Product ID and Lot/Serial number from the LotSerialInventory data view:

// Generate Barcode for Product Lot or Serial Number
IDAutomation_Uni_UCC128(ChrW(202) + "01" + {LotSerialInventory.ProductID} + ChrW(202) + "10" + {LotSerialInventory.LotNumber})

ChrW(202) indicates the following two characters are the application identifier. The Application Identifier of “01” lets Acctivate know this is the GTIN and “10” is the Lot or Serial Number.

In newer versions of Crystal Reports, the IDAutomation_Uni_UCC128() function may not work. Because of this, current versions of our standard reports use the full code for that formula instead.  If modifying that code, you would still use the same format as the IDAutomation_Uni_UCC128() for your values and identifiers but within the DataToEncode variable:

'DataToEncode = ({Table.Field})
DataToEncode = ChrW(202) + "01" + {LotSerialInventory.ProductID} + ChrW(202) + "10" + {LotSerialInventory.LotNumber}

Be sure that you set the syntax for the formula to be Basic syntax instead of Crystal Syntax.

The differences between the two methods are only for running the reports within Crystal Reports itself.  Acctivate will properly generate the barcodes in either format since the Crystal Reports Runtime used to generate reports is still able to work with the IDAutomation_Uni_UCC128() function.

Please see our docs page for more information on this.