Using Sales Order Manager Batch Update Workflow and Order Statuses.

A quick Guide on batch updating Workflow Statuses using the order manager.

Order Manager is an extremely powerful tool that allows you to perform a variety of actions in bulk. 

This article will walk you through how to change workflow and order statuses of multiple orders in bulk.

  1. Open Sales Order Manager either by clicking the "Order Manager" button on the tool bar, or by clicking "Sales" -> "Sales Order Manager."
  2. Select the grouping in which you want to change orders. (If you don't know about how grouping works in our manager windows, check here!)
    1. Manager
  3. Check the check boxes of the orders you'd like to change (or click the master check box at the top of the row to check them all off.)
  4. Click on the "Action" button.
    1. For changing the Workflow Status: Mouse over "Change Workflow Status" and choose your status.
    2. To Book orders, click "Unschedule (Book Order)"
    3. To complete orders that are partially invoiced (due to back orders), click "Mark Completed (Cancel Backorder)"
    4. To Cancel orders, click "Cancel" or hit "Ctrl + D"
  5. Confirm the action you choose in the pop-up box.

Now the changes your requested should be performed to the specified orders!