What is a Blind Inventory Count?

A Blind inventory count allows for users to count a location without knowing what is in it. To enable a Blind Count, you'll need to go to Configuration Manager -> Mobile -> Inventory Count

The most common procedure for performing an Inventory Count is to first create a count session, then use the count sheet as a guide while physically counting inventory in the warehouse (see the Inventory Counts article). However, that is not the only method for performing an Inventory Count. It’s also possible to prepare a Blind Count where products are not shown on the mobile device when scanning.

To enable the Blind Count option, first open Configuration Manager > Mobile > Inventory Count. Click Edit and check the box for “Blind count” then click Save. Note that only counts prepared after this option is enabled will show as a Blind Count.

blind count option

Once this is checked and saved, close Configuration Manager. It’s important to note, while this option is checked in Configuration, Acctivate will only prepare blind counts. To prepare a normal count, you will first need to go back into Configuration Manager and un-check this box before preparing the normal count.

When counting on mobile, you'll still see the standard location list, but when drilling down into the location list instead of seeing a list of products, you'll see nothing and will need to manually enter or scan in your counts.

detail blind count