Booked vs Scheduled Order Status

A new sales order in Acctivate Order Management Software requires an Order Status. The Status of the order will affect how inventory is allocated as well as whether or not the order can be processed.


The Booked order status allows you to create a sales order with items and ordered quantities, however, the ordered quantities do not get scheduled (or backordered). You cannot print any order documents from a booked order, including an invoice, so you are not able to process the order until you convert the status to Scheduled. A Booked order will allow you to enter in orders that are not to be shipped until a future date. For example, you make take orders at a trade show today, but the orders won't be shipped for several months. If you don't want to allocate inventory to these orders yet, but still want them entered in, then use the Booked status.


Orders with the Scheduled order status will allocate available inventory to the order. At the time of creating a Scheduled order or converting an order to the Scheduled status, Acctivate will schedule as much inventory as possible (determined by product availability). An order must have the status of Scheduled in order to print order documents such as the pick ticket, pack list and invoice.