Using the Business Activity Review.

Business Activity Review is a legacy tool in Acctivate which allowed you to filter and organize Business Activities for easy tracking. It has been replaced with Business Activity Manager in 12.1 and will be removed in a future Acctivate update.

Please Note: Business Activity Review will be removed in a future version of Acctivate, as 12.1 introduces a new Business Activity manager instead. You can find information about Business Activity Manager here.

The Business Activity Review allows you to filter and organize a list of Business Activities. Users can define which columns are displayed and how the Business Activities are grouped, as well as set filters to limit the activities shown on screen. To stay up to date, select an auto refresh interval in the top right corner. Users who prefer to refresh on their own, can do so using the refresh button. It is not recommended to set the refresh time.

For a comprehensive guide on using the Business Activity review feature including on how to customize the columns and group activities, check out our training page.