Video: Business Activity Setup

This video takes an in-depth look on Business Activity Set-up

The information printed below replaces the handout mentioned in video.

Business Activity Type section is used to define all processes you will be tracking.

The setup of the code lists below will populate the drop down lists used in each activity. After the codes are populated then you will highlight the Business Activity Type in the top grid and mark a check in the ‘included’ column of the grid below to indicate that the code will be part of that type. The ‘default’ option indicates that when a new activity is created it should be the code automatically populated.

Code Lists

  • Status Tab used to define all possible steps in the process the activity is tracking. The ‘closed’ column is used to indicate if that status will mark an activity as closed. The ‘icon’ and ‘on toolbar’ columns are only used by the scheduling module. The ‘send’ column is used to auto start an email to the person assigned to the activity if you change their status.
  • Priority Tab allows tasks to be arranged in terms of priority. You can make as many priority codes as you want for your company. You can set the number of hours that will impact the due date. The ‘icon’ column is only used by the scheduling module.
  • Codes Tab helps you further provide categorization for the activity.
  • Resolution Tab codes are designed to show the final state of resolution for the activity. They are useful for statistical research.
  • Scheduling Class is only used by the Scheduling module.

Business Activity Options Setup

This section allows you to configure basic defaults and Business Activity options including allowing a print review, lookup defaults and customer type alerts.

  • Set option to preview Business Activities before printing.
  • Set option to have all new activities created assign ownership to the ‘Unassigned’ group vs. the individual that initiated the new activity.
  • Set default lookup options.
  • Select items to be tracked on Log Tab.
  • Customer type alert is used to flag customer types within an activity.

Business Activity External Links

This section allows you to create a custom related item with a URL or path, which can be added to a Business Activity in the Related Items section.

  • Define the custom item type with a description and a URL or path with a placeholder for the value.
  • Define URL or path as the Link Template with <key> being the value placeholder. Examples:

  • The new custom related item becomes an option on a Business Activity in the Related Items section.

Business Activity User Permissions Setup

  • Set Email Address and Email Signature used in Business Activity process.
  • Set option to Open Alerts Automatically and/or Open Activity Review Automatically when you login.
  • Set permissions in the Issue Tracking folder