Using the Web store tab on Business Alerts

Web orders that fail to sync can appear in this tab. This gives users the option to retry or delete them.

Acctivate’s Business Alerts window includes a tab called Web Store. If the option  to show warning for orders on the Web Store  is not disabled then any Web Store orders that fail to be brought in with the regular Web Store sync due to exceptions will be brought into the Web Store tab of the Business Alerts.2016-06-10_12-31-23

In this tab, you have the option to Retry Import of the orders listed or to Delete the order from the list (i.e. you don’t want to retry the import). If the order encounters an exception again, it will not import the order and the order will be listed in the Web Store tab again. The exception log will give a message that states why the order has not been imported. Once that exception is no longer an issue, the order will be able to be Imported.

This is a great way to monitor your Web Store orders and make sure that all orders are syncing from the Web Store into Acctivate.