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Can a QuickBooks Portable File (.QBM) sync with Acctivate?

The process of restoring a Portable File (.QBM) in QuickBooks will create a new Company File (.QBW). You can sync with the new .QBW file as long as it's based off the original QuickBooks Company file that Acctivate first synced with.

What is a QuickBooks Portable File?

The QuickBooks Portable File is a common methodology used to attempt to compress the company file as a whole to make it easier to send through a digital medium.

  • A Portable File does not store all of the information that your complete company file has.
  • When you create a QuickBooks Portable File, any letters, images, logos, and templates are deleted when this file is created.
  • The .TLG file associated with this company file is completely deleted. This is the log file use to diagnose data corruption or other issues.
  • When you restore a Portable File, it will create a new .QBW Company File. Acctivate can sync with the new .QBW Company File as long as its Portable File was created from the original QuickBooks Company File that Acctivate first synced with.