Can Acctivate be connected to a new QuickBooks company file?

Acctivate cannot be connected to a new QuickBooks company file.

Acctivate CANNOT be connected to a new QuickBooks company file.

The primary reason for this restriction is the internal links between the Acctivate database and the QuickBooks company file.

For example, customers are not simply linked by Customer Name. Instead, there is an internal "key field" for each customer that keeps Acctivate and QuickBooks synchronized. The same rule applies to every list item and transaction in QuickBooks.

In most cases, creating a new QuickBooks company file is unnecessary. There are alternatives to most scenarios, including utilities within QuickBooks to clean up old transactions, repair corrupt data files and address performance problems.

If a merger with another company prompts creating a new company file, see the information listed in this article for details.

Please contact our support team if you are having trouble with synchronization and would like us to help resolve these problems.