Repurposing an old server as a Sandbox Server.

Information on setting up your old server to be a testing environment for Acctivate.

Acctivate can be installed and set up in a test environment, which may also be referred to as a Sandbox environment.  In order to use Acctivate in a Sandbox environment, you will need to register Acctivate using a Sandbox license.  Please contact your Sales Rep to further discuss how this Sandbox license can be acquired.

If you are looking to continue using Acctivate while also having a sandbox license, we highly recommend using an old server or separate machine to run Acctivate in a testing sandbox environment.

If your old Acctivate server still has an installation of Acctivate on it with a copy of your database, the steps to change it to a Sandbox license are very simple.

1. If you recently moved Acctivate to a new server, the old server may still be registered to your live Acctivate license. To remove your live Acctivate license from your old server, you will need to un-register the application.
    1. To un-register Acctivate, login to Acctivate on your OLD server.
    2. Go to Help > License Information
    3. Select the “Remove License” button at the bottom of the pop up window.
    4. Select Yes at the prompt.
    5. Enter your Acctivate ID and password for your Live license.
    6. Your license will be removed.

2. To register the SandBox license, open Acctivate on the OLD server and put in your Sandbox Acctivate ID and Password.

You should now have the Sandbox license on the old server and you are ready to start testing.
If you are not wanting to use an old server for your sandbox license, follow this article.