Changing product component type after use on a sales order.

If you're getting the error "Cannot change component type" when trying to change the component type of a product, check out this article.

Changing the Item Type or Bill of Materials on a Product that is referenced on an existing Sales Order may prompt you with message:

"Cannot change component type because the product is referenced by a sales order"

This message is returned because the related Product was entered on existing Sales Orders as the original Item Type or Bill of Materials. Changing these Product Components while the Product exist on open Sales Orders can cause Inventory and Costing discrepancies that cannot be easily resolved by the user.

Instead, you can use this workaround:

  1. Rename the current Product to be something like: Product_OLD.
  2. Select the ‘Copy Product’ button. Give this new product the original ProductID name: Product.
  3. Set the Product Components to be what you want them to be now.
  4. Mark Product_OLD as inactive.