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Causes for COGS Journal Amount to Change

Several things will trigger COGS to update. Most of the reasons relate to creating or voiding a transaction on or before the journal date.

When reviewing Cost of Goods Sold account entries, you may notice an update to COGS occasionally. Several things trigger an Update to COGS. For example, if you check a journal and it shows $500 now but when you check later it shows $580, it is likely due to several cost-adjusting transactions. 

COGS Updating Transactions

  • Creating a PO Invoice with updated pricing. This updates the receipt of goods related to the invoice. Read more about APR reconciliation when adjusting the PO Invoice here.
  • Posting a transfer into the warehouse from another warehouse prior to the invoice date under review.
  • Adding landed cost to an item. Landed Cost affects transactions before the invoice. 
  • Any other related transaction created or voided on or before the journal date will increase or decrease the COGS amount.

If QuickBooks and Acctivate show different Cost of Goods Sold Amount, you can read more on reconciling COGS here.