Changing a customer's currency type.

Create a new copy of the customer in QuickBooks with the new currency type then use a Statement Charge transaction if you need to move an existing balance over.

Acctivate supports multi-currency to enable buying and selling products in the customers' and vendors' currency and more.

For customers moving to multi-currency and needing to change over current customers to their respective native currency:

QuickBooks and Acctivate do not allow the customer to be renamed or merged with their previous customer record due to the new currency so any previous history will need to remain with the current customer record.  
Ex. "Customer A" history stays with "Customer A" and cannot be moved to "Customer A – EUR".

You may, however, still need to ‘move’ over a current balance on a current customer IF they are being re-created with their native currency(‘Changing’ customer from USD to EUR).

As an example:

Customer A is currently in Acctivate and QuickBooks with USD as their currency. Once multi-currency is turned on they will need to be re-created as a EUR(Euro) customer, Customer A EUR. You can ‘move’ over the current customer balance by utilizing the Statement Charge transaction in QuickBooks to apply a balance to the ‘new’ multi-currency customer. Once a Statement Charge is posted to the Customer A EUR and a sync is run Customer A EUR will be created in Acctivate and show a balance of the statement charge amount.

Customer A
Balance $3000

Customer A EUR
Balance 0
Balance after Statement Charge $3000

Keep in mind that all credit limits will be in your respective home currency(USD in this example) so if the customer is on credit hold they will be on credit hold with the new customer record, provided their credit limit is set to the same value as the original customer. Once you set the balance and credit limit it may also be a good time to zero out the balance for the original(USD) customer, Customer A.

Customer A And Customer A EUR
Balance $3000
Credit Limit $1000
Over Limit

In order to ‘reduce’ the customer balance you can either apply a payment in QuickBooks or create a Credit Memo in Acctivate and then apply to the Statement Charge in QuickBooks.