How Do I Change Filtering Criteria For Reports?

This article shows you how to change filtering criteria for reports.

The Report Catalog in the Acctivate Configuration Manager gives you the power to manage all the reports in your system. One particular configuration option it provides is the ability to set filtering criteria for any report.

When a report is opened in Acctivate, a Report Selection Criteria box opens, which contains filtering options specific to the report. The Selection Prompts tab within the Report Catalog, can be used to configure the filtering options so that any data can be obtained from a report without having to customize the actual report.

Note: You can add or change the filtering criteria of any report to meet the needs of your business, but this example details the steps for adding PO Number as a filter for the Inventory Receipts report. This functionality will allow you to see receipts related to a specific PO.

Filtering Inventory Receipt Report for Purchase Orders:

  1. Select File > Configuration to open the Configuration Manager.
  2. Select Reports > Report Catalog.
  3. In the Report Catalog expand the Inventory folder and then the Transactions folder.
  4. Select the Inventory Receipts report (make sure it is highlighted).
  5. Click the Selection Prompts tab on the right-hand side.
  6. Click the Edit button and an empty line will appear at the bottom of the data grid within the Selection Prompts tab.
  7. On that empty line, type PO Number in the Prompt field.
  8. Click inside the Field cell and browse the available tables in the report.
  9. Expand INVTransaction and select PONumber
  10. Change the Type to PONumber

  1. Click on the Properties tab and check the box next to 'Do not overwrite changes to this definition during Acctivate update'.
  2. Click Save and close the Configuration Manager.
  3. Now try out the new filtering criterion by going to Inventory > Inventory Reports from the desktop menu. Then in the Reports window, expand the Transactions folder and select the Inventory Receipt report.
  4. From the Report Selection Criteria dialog box set the Filter for PO Number to Equal to and in the Value 1 field select a PO to look up. Now run the report and it will only show Inventory Receipts related to the selected Purchase Order.