How do I change the Name of an Existing GL Account?

To change the name of an Existing GL Account in Acctivate, open up QuickBooks. Go to Lists > Chart of Accounts. Right click on the account you want to change and select Edit Account. Save & Close after you are done. Run an Acctivate-QuickBooks sync.

At times it can be useful to edit the name of an existing GL account to one that makes more sense for your company. Here, we will be changing the name of the existing GL account "Suspense Purchases" to "Accrued Purchase Receipts".

Similiar steps are used to create new Accounts. Instead, use the Account button to add a New account. Follow all other steps the same

First, open up configuration manager and navigate to inventory, then warehouse. Here you will see what your GL accounts are named in your current company set up.




Next, open QuickBooks. From here go to the lists tab and select chart of accounts.




From this list, scroll down to find the account you want to change. In our case, the "Suspense Purchases".




Right click and hit "edit account".




In this window you can change the name. We'll change this one to "Accrued Purchase Receipts". Once done, click save.




Head back to Acctivate and run a sync with Quickbooks. Upon completion, the GL account name in configuration manager will match the edited name.