Changing the Workflow Status for a sales order.

For a single sales order, use the Change Workflow Status action. For more options, see below for a summary of ways the workflow status on orders can be updated or configured.

Change the Workflow Status of a Sales Order

From within the system the progress of open sales orders can be tracked by changing the workflow status.  To do so, use the following steps:

  1. Open the Sales Order window from Sales > Enter Sales Order.
  2. Enter or search for the order number you which the change the workflow status for.
  3. Click the Action button at the top of the window
  4. Mouse over the Change Workflow Status option and choose a workflow status

Using Order Manager:

The workflow status for a batch of orders can be modified within Order Manager.  

  1. Open the Order Manager window from Sales > Order Manager.
  2. Check the box for any open sales orders you want to change the workflow status for.
  3. Click the Action button at the top of the window
  4. From the Action menu, mouse over Change Workflow Status and select the status you want.

Using the Change Order Workflow Status tool:

The workflow status for a sales order can be changed from the Change Assembly Workflow Status window for any open orders. These are orders that have been entered in the Sales Order window, but not yet invoiced.

  1. Select Sales > Change Order Workflow Status.
  2. From the ‘Set Workflow Status to’ drop-down menu select a workflow status (which are the workflow descriptions defined in configuration).
  3. In the Order Number field enter the sales order number.To search for a specific order, rather than manually entering it, click the Lookup button. From the Find Sales Order window that appears select the appropriate order.  The order can also be entered by using a keyboard wedge or USB barcode scanner to scan the barcode (encoded with the sales order number) on a printed sales document (i.e. pick ticket, pack list, sales order).
  4. The Bill to Address field will populate according to the address recorded on the sales order to confirm the correct order was selected.
  5. Click OK to update the workflow status for the selected order and leave the window open to continuing changing workflow statuses for other orders.  If using a keyboard wedge or USB barcode scanner, the device can be programmed to automatically ‘enter’ after each scan to move to the next order, otherwise manually press the ‘Enter’ key.
  6. Click Close to close the window.
  7. The updated workflow status for the order will display in the Sales > Sales Order window on the Header tab > Workflow status field.  In this window the workflow status can also be updated from the provided Workflow Status drop-down menu.
  8. If the workflow status of the orders was updated to ‘shipped’ in step 2 of this section, use the Prepare Invoices wizard (Sales > Prepare Invoices) to invoice all the orders with that status at once.

Defining your own workflow statuses:

Acctivate already includes system-defined workflow statuses, but users can define additional statuses in configuration.

  1. Select File > Configuration Management.
  2. Select the Sales Orders folder > Workflow Status to open the Sales Order Workflow Status configuration option.
  3. Any workflow statuses specific to your business can be added to the data grid.Click Edit.
  4. A blank line with an asterisk to its left side will appear in data grid. In each provided field of the line enter the necessary information for a new workflow status.  Note: Status is the only data that cannot be user-defined for a workflow status. From the Status drop-down menu you must select from a list of system-defined statuses.
  5. Click Save after all the necessary workflow statuses have been entered.
  6. To delete a workflow status from configuration, in edit mode click the specific line to select it (an arrowhead to the left of the line indicates it is selected) and press Delete on the keyboard.  Click Save to save the changes.