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Comparing and Contrasting: Pick Tickets vs Picklists

Acctivate offers two methods of picking order in the form of Pick Tickets vs Picklists. Both have pros and cons, and both are similar and unique in their own ways. This article will compare and contrast the two.

Please Note: Picklists are ONLY available if multiple locations are enabled. 

Acctivate has two methods of picking, commonly referred to as "Pick Tickets" and "Picklists." This article aims to compare and contrast the two methods in a simple manner to help you decide which is best for your company. 

Similarities between Pick Tickets and Picklists:

  • Both will provide a document telling you what product to pick and what location to pick it from.
  • Both can be used with Acctivate's mobile picking module.
  • Both will trigger the workflow automation changes when they are generated.
  • Both allow for the "Picked in full by default" option on mobile which will automatically assign all lines to be fully picked.
  • Both have barcodes that can be scanned to open the document in mobile.
  • Both support adding a new line per lot scanned in mobile.

Key functional differences between Pick Tickets and Picklists:

Difference Pick Tickets Picklists
Generation Method: Pick Tickets are generated for each order and are picked for each order. Picklists can be generated for multiple orders together and grouped into one picklist per warehouse using Order Manager.
Kit Components: Pick Tickets will include the kit products and all components on them.

Picklists will only show kit components.

Data entry: Pick Tickets are not entered into Acctivate with the exception of entering in the lot numbers on the sales order, unless picking from mobile.

Picklists need to be entered into Acctivate in order to close and invoice.

Automation: Pick Tickets will not automatically assign locations to products unless the order line already has a location assigned to it. 

Picklists will automatically assign locations to each line based on highest availability or lowest availability. (User configurable.)

Warehouse Routing Pick Tickets do not take into account warehouse layout and will only show in order of items on the order. Picklists will take your warehouse layout into account and will order the picklist by the most efficient route for picking.

Mobile picking differences between Pick Tickets and Picklists:

Difference Pick Tickets Picklists
Mobile Configuration Pick Tickets have multiple mobile configuration options such as workflow status upon submitting, how to handle kit components, and rather or not to pick lots in full automatically. Most options for mobile picklists are not configurable such as the workflow status when submitting (picked) and how kit components are handled (scan/update)
User assignment Pick Tickets allow for anyone to open them even if another user started picking it or generated it. The user who starts picking a picklist or is the user to print it is locked to the picklist and another user cannot pick from it.
Picking Availability Pick Tickets will only show in accordance with set filters on mobile. Orders must fall before or on the requested ship date filter and are filtered by branch. Picklists are filtered by warehouse and will show regardless of order requested ship date.
Order Information Pick Tickets allow for seeing order info such as billing and shipping address as well as ship via and order notes. Picklists do not show any information about the orders contained except their order numbers.


As you can see both Pick tickets and Picklists are unique and useful in their own ways. 

If you'd like to learn more about picklists, please check out our picklist overview article.