What are the Configuration Options for Mobile Order Picking?

These options can be found by going to Configuration Management > Mobile > Order Picking

Mobile Order Picking options explained.  These options can be found  by going to Configuration Management > Mobile > Order Picking

Submitting picked orders

  1. Pick complete sales order by default
    • If checked the full ordered quantity is picked from a single lot number, eliminating the need to manually enter the quantity or scan the lot number to count up to the quantity ordered.

  1. Print Packing List
    • If checked a packing list is printed when the order is submitted from the mobile device

  1. Shipping label count
    • Sets the default number of labels to be printed

  1. Workflow status when an order is being picked
    • Allows customers to choose the default order workflow status during picking (including custom workflows)

  1. Default workflow status of a submitted order
    • Allows customers to choose the default order workflow status for a submitted order

Kit Components

  1. Hide
    • Hide kit components on handheld

  1. Display
    • Show kit components on handheld

  1. Scan / Update
    • Scan components and update the order

Lot Numbers

  1. New line for each lot number to scan
    • This option disables combining lines with same product id or lot/serial # (supports scanning same lot number from multiple locations)

  1. Pick full lot quantity
    • This option will default the quantity for a selected lot number to the lot’s on-hand quantity or the quantity still remaining to be picked, whichever is lower.