What are the Configuration Options for Mobile Order Picking?

These options can be found by going to Configuration Management > Mobile > Order Picking

Mobile Order Picking options explained.  These options can be found  by going to Configuration Management > Mobile > Order Picking

Submitting picked orders

1. Pick complete sales order by default

If checked the full ordered quantity is picked from a single lot number, eliminating the need to manually enter the quantity or scan the lot number to count up to the quantity ordered.


2. Print Packing List

If checked a packing list is printed when the order is submitted from the mobile device


3. Shipping label count

Sets the default number of labels to be printed


4. Workflow status when an order is being picked

Allows customers to choose the default order workflow status during picking (including custom workflows)


5. Default workflow status of a submitted order

Allows customers to choose the default order workflow status for a submitted order


Kit Components

1. Hide

Hide kit components on handheld


2. Display

Show kit components on handheld


3. Scan / Update

Scan components and update the order


Lot Numbers

1. New line for each lot number to scan

This option disables combining lines with same product id or lot/serial # (supports scanning same lot number from multiple locations)


2. Pick full lot quantity

This option will default the quantity for a selected lot number to the lot’s on-hand quantity or the quantity still remaining to be picked, whichever is lower.