Setting up printing for mobile devices.

If you want to be able to print transactions from your mobile devices running Acctivate Mobile, take these steps.

When setting up Acctivate to allow the printing of reports, such as a Pack List, from your handheld device, you will need to set the Printer Assignment on the Report as well as set up the Server, in which Acctivate is installed, to be able to print to the specific Printer. The Printer can be either a networked printer or a printer that is connected locally to the server. As long as you can print to the Printer from the Server, you should be able to print to the Printer from the handheld device.

Follow these steps on configuring both your Server as well as Acctivate to print Reports from your handheld device.

  • Add/Configure the Printer to your Server in which Acctivate is installed on. You should be able to print to this printer from your Server. We highly recommend you test this before you move onto the next step. If you are unable to print to the Printer from the Server, please contact your System Administrator.
  • Set the Printer Assignment on the specific Report you would like to print to from your handheld device
    • In Acctivate, go up to File -> Configuration Manager. Browse to the specific Report by going to Reports -> Report Catalog.
    • Select the Printer Assignment tab on the Report.
    • Select Edit, then click into the Printer Name field. Notice the lookup button to the right of this field. Select this button. This will allow you to select one of the Printers configured on your server.
    • You can enter in a Workstation Name, if you wish, but this isn’t necessary.
    • Save your changes.
  • Review the Mobile options in Configuration Manager -> Mobile. For instance, in the Order Picking Menu, notice the option to ‘Print packing list’. You would want to enable this option if you were trying to print a Pack List.
  • On the Mobile Device, in order for changes to take effect, you will need to reset the ACCTHandheld web service.
  • On the Device, open the Web service page by going to Internet Explorer and entering in your web service address (e.g. http://servername/accthandheld). You may be able to simply look through your history and find the proper address here.
  • On the ACCTHandheld web service page, there is an option to restart the Web Service. Select this link. You will be prompted to select a company and enter in credentials.
  • Log into Acctivate Mobile now. You should be able to print the report to the printer in which you set the Printer Assignment now.