Configuring Units of Measure in Acctivate.

Go to File > Configuration Management > Inventory > Unit of Measure. To add a new UOM, enter edit mode and enter the Unit name in the empty (*) row. Each UOM can have relationships to other UOM created in this menu as well.

Units of Measure in Acctivate are controlled in the Configuration Manager by users with the System Administrator permission.  Multiple, Related units are supported for Purchasing, Sales and Packaging.

Units of Measure must be configured before they can be selected for products.


Creating a New Unit of Measure

  1. Open Configuration Management from the File menu
  2. Select Unit of Measure under the Inventory folder and click Edit
  3. The Unit of Measure section (on the left) is for defining stocking units of measure.
  4. Click in the data grid row marked with the asterisk and enter the new Unit.
  5. Check the Discrete box if transactions for this unit of measure are processed in whole numbers only.  The Discrete option applies to:
    1. Rounds down to the nearest whole quantity when scheduling a sales order
    2. Rounds up to the nearest whole quantity in Inventory Reorder wizard
  6. Click Save before relating to other units of measure.

Relating Multiple Units of Measure

  1. First, select the Stocking Unit of Measure in the list on the left.  This is typically the smaller unit of measure in the relationship.
  2. Click into a new row at the bottom of the data grid on the right.
  3. Select the Relationship between the stocking and alternate unit of measure.  The following options are available:
    • Standard
      • Standard, universal units. Some examples: 12in = 1ft; 1lb = 16oz
      • This includes standard weight / length conversions, such as 1kg = 2.205lb
    • Product Specific
      • The Alternate Unit Quantity varies by product.  For example: 12 large vases per "Case" for one item and 24 per "Case" for another item.  You will set the unit quantity for each item on the Product Information window.
    • Weight
      • Designed for products stocked by Piece, Priced by Weight. Product Weight is set on Specs tab of Product Information window, including Variable Weight option.  Catch Weight Pricing is supported by using Variable Weight pricing for Lot-numbered items.
    • Length
      • Designed for products stocked by Piece, Priced by Length. Product Length is set on Specs tab of Product Information window.
    • Variable
      • The relation between the Stocking Unit quantity and the Pricing quantity is variable, but not based on Weight or Length.
  4. Enter the Quantity of the stocking unit that are/is in the alternate, related unit.
  5. Select the Related Unit for the new relation.  All units of measure must be defined in the list on the left.
  6. Be sure to check the Active box and click Save on the toolbar when you're finished.

NOTE: A unit cannot be deleted once it has been selected for a product or used in a transaction.  However, a unit can be renamed at any time.