Why is Tax Not Coming in from the Web Store?

If your tax category or amount is not coming in from the web store correctly, you probably need to set up a sales tax category conversion so Acctivate can match the information from the web store.

The reason why tax usually doesn't come into Acctivate correctly from the web store is typically a Tax Conversion not set up or the tax does not exist in Acctivate yet. First, verify that the tax you would like to select on the Sales Order exists in Acctivate. If so, follow the steps below to add the tax conversion. If not, go to QuickBooks and set up the tax. If you are using AvaTax, please go to Avalara to check the tax location for that tax and contact us for more details on the web store mapping in this scenario. 

Add the Tax to the webstore template.

  1. Take note of the exact tax category not coming into Acctivate.
    1. If you have previously synced and do not have access to the sync message and the order is in Acctivate, you go to the Order in Acctivate, on the Additional Info tab, hover over the Entered by Date. On the WebSync folder go to the folder related to that order, based on the Entered date.
    2. Open up the Acctivate-orders.XML document using Internet Explorer
    3. Using Ctrl F copy and past the web order # to find that particular order.
    4. Go to the Order Tax section and look for the Tax Category/Code. Copy that Tax Category.
  2. Open up the Web Order Template by going to the Web sync, selecting Edit for this web store and keep hitting Next until you are at the web order mapping window.
  3. Go to the Order Section and expand it.
  4. Add conversions for Sync As Customer, Tax Category ID, and Tax Code. Tax Code conversion is not always needed. Tax Code is to determine if something should get taxed (taxable or tax-exempt). The From for all sections should be the Tax Category shown in the Sync logs/XML. You can paste it in or type it in, but it needs to be the exact same. Make sure there are no extra added spaces. On the To fields, match this up with exactly how Acctivate has it. It will be one of your Tax Categories listed in Acctivate. Make sure there are not extra added spaces. On the To fields, match this up with exactly how Acctivate has it.
  5. Save the XML or keep selecting Next until you are at the Import Orders window and begin the sync to save the mapping and sync.