Configuring 3PL EDI Workflow Statuses

Go to File > Configuration Management > EDI > Trading Partners and select your warehousing trading partner. In Edit mode, go to the Warehouse Order tab and set your workflow statuses as needed.

When setting up a 3PL (Third Party Logistics) warehouse trading partner, there are some options that can be configured in relation to Acctivate sales order workflow statuses and the 940 Warehouse Shipping Order transaction.

Configuring workflow status for exported orders:

With the 3PL module, Acctivate can export sales orders as a 940 transaction file to be imported by your 3PL warehouse. There could be any number of orders as part of the export, so we have included an option to allow you to filter which orders should be included in the export. After setting up a 3PL warehouse and a 3PL trading partner you can navigate to the configuration manger to enter in your settings:

  1. Go to File> Configuration management.
  2. Double click on the EDI folder. Then, click on Trading Partners.
  3. Select your 3PL trading partner and click on the Warehouse Order tab. This tab contains the settings for the 940 transaction file.
  4. Click Edit.
  5. Double Click in the Option Name field.
  6. Choose FilterOrdersByWorkFlow. 
    • Click in the Setting section and choose which workflow status you would like to be included in the 940 export file. For example, you may want to use the workflow status “Ready to Pick”. If you set it to that, then only orders that have that workflow status “Ready to Pick” would be included in the export.
  7. Choose OrderWorkflowStatus.
    • Click in the Setting section and choose the workflow status that you want the order to be set to after it exports. For example, you may want to use the workflow status “Pick in Progress”. If you did that, then once the orders export out as a 940 the workflow status would get updated to “Pick in Progress”.
  8. Click Save.

If no option is setup, Acctivate will export only orders that have the workflow status configured with the status code of “R – Ready to Pick”.

Workflow status for imported shipment information

After importing in the 945 Warehouse Shipping Advice, Acctivate will set those orders to have the workflow status of Shipped. It’s important that you have only one workflow status configured to use the status code of S – Shipped.

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