How do I correct a Sales Order that is Locked by Avalara?

Occasionally a Sales Order locked by Avalara needs to be corrected. To correct the order, unlock the transaction in Avalara AvaTax or create a Credit Memo and New Sales Order.

If you are using the Avalara integration in Acctivate to calculate tax, after a period of time, the completed Sales Order will be locked. Avalara locks these orders from change to prevent changes from the tax calculation. You may get a message similar to one of the message below. If you need to correct or credit the invoice after it's locked, you have a few options. 

The transaction has been locked by Avalara.
Avalara returned an exception: DocStatus is invalid 
for this operation.The Document is locked and
cannot be modified.

Option 1:
If the invoice is in a filing period that is closed in Avalara or the invoice is locked, you can try opening the filing period or transaction. You can find out more information here and here on Avalara's website. If you need further assistance unlocking the transaction or filing period, please contact Avalara Support.

Option 2: Create a New correcting order to offset the differences and post the Invoice. Effectively, this will act as a credit memo or additional charges. If the Order should be completely changed or changed at the order header, and not just at the order detail line level, such as billing location, create the Credit Memo to fully offset the original Order and then create a New order to invoice. 

Option 3: If you do not want the product to come back into inventory but you need to make a correction, create a New Sales Order, as suggested in Option 2. However, use an N line to create a Credit Memo and then an N line to create the Sales Order to Invoice your customer.