Why am I Getting Cost of Goods Sold Cannot be Calculated when Invoicing?

If you are trying to Invoice a Sales Order and you are receiving a message "Cost of goods sold cannot be calculated" then check to see if there is a cost establishing transaction and a Control Type set on the Product.

Occasionally when trying to post a Sales Invoice, you may see the message below. If this is the case, go to the Inventory tab of the product and make sure there is a Control Type. Control Types are required for calculating COGS. Importing in a new product without a Control Type will cause the Product in Acctivate to not have an Inventory Control Type established. If there is none, edit the product and select a Control Type. 

Then go to the Transactions tab of the product and check to see if there are any cost establishing transactions posted for this product. If none exists, please post a cost establishing Transaction. If you post just an Inventory Adjustment to bring inventory in, the cost has not yet been calculated. 

NOTE: Balance Adjustments should be posted as the last transaction of the day, or backdated, so they do not interfere with other transactions. 

Invoice not Releases. 

Cost of Goods Sold amount could not be calculated for Order xxxx, Line xxxx could not be calculated. 

Types of Cost establishing Transactions:

  • Purchase Order Receipts
  • Assemblies
  • Balance Adjustments