Resolving 'Could Not Find Link' Sync Error.

If you encounter “Could Not Find Link” error during the salesperson portion of sync, try these suggestions

“Could Not Find Link” sync error

In QuickBooks Desktop, a salesperson must be linked to either a Vendor, Employee, or Other Name.

When a new salesperson is created, Acctivate will sync the salesperson and the related Vendor, Employee, or Other Name

If the salespersons related link isn't found for some reason, the following error may occur.

Error Salesperson InsertSalesRepAux: Could not find link for F100000-1000000000


  1. First, try to determine which salesperson didn't sync to Acctivate. One way to do this is to view the list in Configuration Management (Customer > Salesperson).
  2. Once you know which salesperson didn't sync, open the Sales Rep List in QuickBooks Desktop. Here you should see the Sales Rep Type. Depending on the type, open that related list. E.g., if the Sales Rep Type is Employee, open the Employee list, etc.
  3. Locate the related record. If it exists, you may try editing the name and saving, then resyncing. After syncing, you can edit the name back to what it was and sync again.

The last step should force a resync of the related record. If you continue to have issues after making this change, contact Acctivate Support.