"Could not find product" error on Acctivate Mobile.

If you're getting errors in locating specific products on Acctivate Mobile WMS, check the steps in this guide.

If you scan a Product Barcode Label in Acctivate Mobile and receive a message stating “could not find product ‘some product’ in database”, here are a few steps on troubleshooting this message.

  1. Verify you are scanning a ProductID Barcode and not a Lot/Serial numbered Barcode.
  2. Verify that the ProductID, which was scanned, is actually a valid ProductID. Use the Product Lookup in Acctivate
  3. Verify the entire barcode is being printed on the label. If part of the barcode is missing, then the UPC Code will be incomplete.
  4. If scanning all Product Barcode Labels returns this message, check for a carriage return at the end of the referenced product in which you scanned. If the quote mark starts a new line in the message, then there is probably a post amble being added by the mobile device when scanning the ProductID.
    1. You can also verify a Preamble and a Postamble do NOT exist by browsing on the device to Start -> Settings -> System tab -> Intermec Settings. Browse through the list to Data Collection -> Internal Scanner -> Symbology Options. You should see two options, Preamble and Postamble. Remove any info in these fields.
  5. If you generate your barcodes using an external application (Zebra, BarTender, etc) make sure no extra spaces are added at the beginning or end of the barcode. 
  6. You can also try scanning the Product Barcode into a different application on the device to verify the ProductID is being read and entered in properly. You should be able to accomplish this by opening Notes on the device and scanning the barcode here.
  7. You also can use Inlite's free online barcode reader to upload an image of your barcode and get the exact input a barcode scanner receives when the barcode is scanned. You can then match that with your data in Acctivate that is being used to generate the barcode (UPC, Alt Product ID.)