"Could not write to file..." error during Windows Mobile device installation of Acctivate

Try clearing space in your device's storage to make room for the install. You might want to clear browsing history for Internet Explorer since it can accumulate over time.

During an install of Acctivate Mobile on a Windows device, you might encounter one of the following messages:
Could not write to file:
\Program Files\Acctivate\symbol.all.arm.cab

Install Failed
Could not write to file:
\Program Files\Acctivate\Acctivate.CAB

Install Failed

These may indicate that your device doesn't have enough room to install the necessary files the application needs.  Try deleting unnecessary files such as old items in your Downloads folder.  You can try clearing the Browsing History for Internet Explorer using the following steps:

  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Tap the Menu button (four horizontal lines)
  3. Select Tools then Options
  4. Select Browsing History in the new screen
  5. Select any history option you want to wipe such as History to highlight it
  6. Tap the Clear button

If you have sufficient install space on your Windows device and are still getting errors during the installation, submit a support request so that the Acctivate Support Team can assist you.