Creating An Assembly From a Sales Order.

Users are able to create Assembly Sessions directly from an open Sales Order by clicking on the Create button and selecting Assembly Session.

In the screenshot below, we can see sales order A1532T. Line 1 on this order is for product TP10214 with an ordered quantity of 15. TP10214 is an Assembly product, and it seems that only 10 are available to ship from the F warehouse, leaving 5 on Backorder. To add inventory to TP10214, an Assembly Build will need to be posted. This Assembly session can be created from this order by clicking “Create…” > Assembly Session.

This will automatically create a new Assembly Build session for TP10214 in the F warehouse to fill the Backordered quantity on the order. In the screenshot below, we can see the Assembly Build session that was created from order A1532T. Notice that the build quantity in this session is set to 5, the Backordered quantity on the order. The View Order button will populate the order related to this session. Since TP10214 is a Lot Controlled product, a new Lot Number (A081817) will be created from this Assembly Build session.

Once the Assembly Build has posted, the Lot which was built will automatically be related to the product on the order. In the screenshot below, notice that Lot A081817 is automatically scheduled for TP10214 on order A1532T.

If the assembled product is needed on another outstanding order, then the full quantity of the assembly may not be allocated to the sales order that the assembly was built for. You can get around this by manually setting the scheduled quantity.