Creating a Credit Credit Card or E-Check payment method for use without having to enter the required fields.

There may be situations where you want to have a credit card or E-Check payment method however, you do not want to have to enter a full credit card/check number. Check this article for information.

Payment Methods are given Payment Types upon creation in QuickBooks. If your payment method has a type that corresponds to a credit card (American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Debit Card or Other Credit Card) then Acctivate will treat the payment method as a credit card. Because of this you are required to enter to pertinent credit card fields. 

There are some situations where you wouldn't want to have to enter all credit card details. Some of these scenarios could be if payments are imported through webstore, or if you don't actually charge credit cards, but want to track them.

In this case, you can create a Payment Method with the Payment Type of Other. This will sync over to Acctivate and allow you to use the Payment Method without the need to enter in credit card details. Please see below for an example.

Real World Example:


In this example, a customer came in store and made a purchase. They swiped their card and paid, and now we're entering the order into Acctivate to remove the inventory. We have a Payment Method called "Visa" and we've entered a card number. However, when we try and invoice the order, we get an error:


"Credit card expiration date is required."

If we look in QuickBooks, the Payment Method is setup like so:


Because the "Visa" Payment Method was assigned a Payment Type of "Visa," Acctivate treats it like a credit card, and requires we enter an expiration date and full Credit Card number. But in our case, our customer already paid on a seperate terminal, and left the store, so we can't get their details. In this case, we're stuck. We can't invoice. 


To get around this, we can create a new payment method, specifically for in store credit card payments. This way we can track our in-store credit card payments, but not have to enter any credit card details:

In store CC

In this example, we created our "In-store Credit Card" Payment Method and assigned it a Payment Type of "Other." Afterwards we'll perform a synchronization.

Now when we go to Invoice, we'll select our "In-store Credit Card" payment method like so:


For our example, we decided to enter in the last four of their CC as the number, but we aren't required to enter anything. It is only a reference field. Now we are able to invoice this order and remove the inventory.


Although our above example showed only how to handle an in-store credit card, this can be changed to fit webstore, or any other need. We can do this for credit cards, as well as E-Checks, and we can create any number of payment methods to fill our needs. We did one blanket "In-store Credit Card" but we could make more to cover the specific card types if we wanted.

For more information about how Acctivate treat's various QuickBooks payment types, including a table with required fields for each type, please refer to our Payment Method Configuration article.