Creating a Database backup routine.

Establishing a schedule for the backup. Copy the backup to a different system. Develop a formal procedure for restoring the backup.

Backing up your Acctivate and QuickBooks data should be an integral part in the life of your business.

When it comes to business computers, from time to time emergencies happen. Buildings catch on fire, electrical surges destroy hard drives, thieves break-in and run off with computers. All of these scenarios happen every day. Are you prepared if one happens to you?

When one of these emergencies occurs, you lose more than physical hardware, you lose your business data. This might include everything from new contacts, recent purchase orders, outstanding quotes and RMAs. It is vital and necessary that you establish a formal backup and recovery policy to safeguard your Acctivate data.

Your Data is Valuable

You can't afford to be cavalier about this issue. It is important to the security and continuity of your business that your data be protected. Alterity strongly recommends that you establish a formal backup program and stick with it!  You may think of a backup program in a similar way to an automobile insurance policy. You will spend a small fraction of your resources to insure against a major loss. If and when you need it, the small amount that you spend will be insignificant to the amount that you save. Losing your data could be a financial crisis. You can prevent this by developing and sticking with a solid backup program. This way, you never lose more data than is stored in your last backup.

Your formal backup procedure should involve the following three steps:

  1. Establishing a schedule for the backup. The backup should be done at least once per day.  More that one employee should be trained in the backup procedure. This will help accommodate a consistent and reliable backup during holidays, vacations and sick days.
  2. Get the backup off the system.  Copy the backup file to a portable media such as a CD or Tape. Then take this backup off-site every day! In the event of a fire it will do you no good to have your backup kept in the same building as the original data.
  3. Develop a formal procedure for restoring the backup.  Keep a consistent rotation of at least 10 tapes (for tape backup only).  Test backups periodically to make certain that they work.

How to back up Acctivate

You can create an automated Backup by creating a Scheduled Task to run nightly as well. Check out this article which outlines the steps on how to create an automated Backup.