Creating new customers

Before you're ready to fulfill orders, you need to have customers setup in Acctivate. Acctivate offers a number of ways to setup and maintain your customer list. Check out this article for information about creating customers.

Customers are at the core of Acctivate's operations. Everything from creating sales orders and purchasing stock to transferring inventory between warehouses revolves around serving and satisfying your customers.

Acctivate offers many ways to create new customers:

  • Via clicking New Customer on the Customer List (accessible by clicking Customers on the left navigation menu.)
  • Clicking New on the Edit Customer window (accessible by clicking Customer -> Edit Customer on the top menu bar, or by clicking Customer on the icon bar.)
  • Directly from a sales quote or order window by manually entering a customer name in the customer field, followed by hitting the tab key.
  • From a business activity by right clicking on a created other contact and clicking Convert to customer.

All of these methods will direct you to the same place, the edit customer window. From there, you can begin to construct your customer by entering all of the relevant fields. You can see a breakdown of the Edit customer window here. If you'd like to see all of the available fields and their type/length in a table format, you can see our docs entry here

Acctivate also offers the ability to add customers via a data import. We have a training guide that you can find here to help with that.