Posting a Credit Memo containing a new lot/serial number.

While not directly supported, we do have a work around for this.

Acctivate prevents users from entering a credit memo for a lot/serial-numbered item that was not originally sold or issued from Acctivate. You can use the following workaround to create a record of the lot/serial number in the database so you can post your credit memo:

  1. Enter an Inventory Receipt for the Lot/Serial number without a PO Number, using the date of the Credit Memo
  2. Enter an Inventory Issue to the Accrued Purchase Receipts account, selecting the Lot/Serial number and date of the Credit Memo
  3. Enter the Credit Memo again and select the Lot/Serial number

Note: Keep in mind that an Inventory Issue transaction, unlike an Inventory Receipt transaction, is designed to remove inventory. So the quantity in the Issue should be a positive number.