How do I create a credit memo from a sales order?

On a sales order, click the +Create button at the top of the window and select Credit Memo.

As of version 10.1, Acctivate allows users create Credit Memos directly from a customer’s Sales Order. Before 10.1, users would follow the steps in this help article to create a Credit Memo for customers, but that requires that each line be added 1 by 1. If an entire order needed to be credited, the entry of the Credit Memo could be very tedious and time consuming. Now, users can create a Credit Memo directly from the Sales Order, which will populate all detail information from the Sales Order into a Credit Memo automatically.

From the Sales Order window, click +Create then select Credit Memo from the drop down options.

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After clicking Credit Memo, a new Credit Memo window will populate which looks very much like the Sales Order window, but quantities will pre-populate with negative values. This Credit Memo window can be edited just like a Sales Order, and the Credit can be issued just like a Sales Invoice.

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