Overview of Acctivate's CRM functionality.

The CRM capabilities of Acctivate.

Full and powerful CRM functionality is built into Acctivate

One of the most frequently asked questions about Acctivate is “Does it have a CRM module?”

The answer is both yes and no!

Better than having an add-on module called “Customer Relationship Management”, the entire Acctivate system is inherently a CRM system. From the ground-up, it has been designed to have CRM functionality worked into each and every aspect of the system.

This allows you, or any authorized Acctivate user, to have access to a wide collection of customer data in the system. The best part is the data in Acctivate is interrelated.
It’s easy to locate customer specific information when needed.

This means that when you open a customer record in the Customer Information Window, you have instant access to the main company information, multiple contacts in the company, multiple ship-to addresses and typical customer related information. It’s all there for your easy access.

However, Acctivate doesn’t stop there. Because this information is shared across the whole system, as soon as you open the customer file you have instant and up-to-date credit information, you can see a list of all of the customer’s orders, and you can see a full list of every product that customer has ordered and more.

Having all of your customer’s information at hand and easily accessible allows you to better manage just about every aspect of the relationship that you have with your customer. Imagine having quick access to your customer’s last order when they call and say, “give me what I got on my last order”. You can do this on the fly in Acctivate.
That’s how the system has been designed.

This is not a bolt-on product, but instead a methodology of handling all of your relationships with each customer that is interwoven into the very fabric of Acctivate.

The result, a system that provides you with the tools needed to keep and maintain strong customer relationships.