Crystal Reports error "Page Header plus Page Footer is too large for the page"

The error "Error from Crystal Reports: Page Header plus Page Footer is too large for the page." occurs if the header and footer sections of the report combine for a height larger than the page it's being printed on.

The header and footer section of a report print on every page and cannot be split to other pages like group and detail sections. When generating a report, the page size must at least accommodate both the unsuppressed header and footer sections, otherwise the report is too large for the page and the above error will be returned.

If you're encountering this error, there are a few things you can check.

  • Open the report in Crystal Reports and review the page header and footer sections. If they are unsuppressed and their combined heights account for a total height greater than the page the report will be printed on, you will need to adjust them to be smaller. If your report includes the report header and footer sections too, you may need to account for their size as well.
  • Make sure the correct printer / stock is used when generating the report. When printing or previewing a report in Acctivate, the report is generated based on the printer settings for the computer's default printer (or the printer assigned to the report). Attempting to print or preview a full page report which has 4 inches reserved for the page header will return the error if the printer paper is a 3 inch high label.
  • Consider making the header and footer smaller. The header and footer must print on every page, so if your header and footer are too large for  the page you are printing on, consider moving any report objects out of the header and footer that don't need to be there. Group and detail sections can be split to additional pages and therefore don't have a maximum size.